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Cool addition to AdWords: video advertising

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it on the weblog run by the Google AdWords folk, but apparently, yes, coming to a site near you - very soon - will be advertisements that will include video content, all as part of the AdWords network (e.g., if you're subscribed to Google AdSense and you allow image advertisements that are sufficiently large for the video box to fit, you might just suddenly start getting video ads too).

Me, I think it'll be very cool and an interesting example of how Google is really pushing advertising into a hybrid space where television and the Internet are surprisingly similar, perhaps one day completely converged.

Of course, the challenge now will be for advertisers to produce useful and informative video content, but there are so many businesses where this could be a huge boon. Imagine you sell formal clothes, for example. Wouldn't it be a nice advert for you to show some people dressed rather sloppily but looking enviously at some other folk with high style, then you see the company logo and they're dressed in the height of fashion themselves?

There are lots of examples, perhaps even one for your own business. My advice: check it out if you're involved with AdWords and see what you can create. After all, why not try something new and see if you can create more more effective ads for your company??

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