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Proctor and Gamble push the advertising envelope with SecretSparkle

This is the kind of stuff that's impossible to make up: consumer goods giant Proctor and Gamble have introduced a chatbot, a program that communicates via instant messaging with potential customers. And who are the customers for a deodorant? Well, if you guessed adults, you're terribly wrong. This chatbot is aimed squarly at teen and tween girls, and presents what I can only say, as a parent, is a darn insulting and cloyingly stereotyped view of what girls are interested in.

But let's let SecretSparkle talk for itself. (You can play along on this game by connecting via AIM to SecretSparkle or via MSN Messenger to

Dave Taylor says: (10:30:05 PM)

Secret Sparkle says: (10:30:19 PM)
Hi Dave Taylor! I'm secret sparkle.

For the latest scoop on TV and movie gossip, awesome beauty and fashion tips, music, games and more, I'm ur girl!

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