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VOIP lets you have your phone number ring anywhere

I have to admit that I'm quite psyched. Thanks to some help from the folks atVoice over IP provider, I now have my business line ringing in multiple physical locations. Call me up and your call will ring on phones in different parts of Colorado. If I power up Vbuzzer on my laptop (Vbuzzer is my VOIP provider), I'll also be able to plug in a traditional phone or headset and have that ring too, regardless of where I am.

This isn't particularly rocket science, I admit: most of the VOIP systems on the market naturally ring wherever you plug in, but what's surprising to me is that this feature, what I consider a killer feature, is barely mentioned by VOIP providers like Vonage and even the third-party VOIP resellers who are popping up like mushrooms after a heavy rain don't talk about this capability.

    What happens when phones are no longer geography?

I'm just delighted to finally have my phone numbers travel with me, not be nailed to a wall plug.