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Send money to your friends via cellphone with TextPayMe!

This is a cool new "Web 2.0" feature that our parents just wouldn't get: you can now use a service very similar to Paypal to easily transfer money to other people with SMS or text-message capable cellphones. Next time you're out for pizza with your buddies and one person picks up the bill, everyone else can now easily transfer a few bucks to them with just a few strokes of your cellphone keypad, for example.

Even better: sign up through the below link and you'll get a free $5 credit to get started, and who can complain about getting free money?

Sign up: Sign Up For TextPayMe, Get $5 Credit Instantly

Read more about it: Send Money to Friends with your Cellphone using TextPayMe

Yes, that's an affiliate link, so if you'd rather just go to the site directly and not help feed my gadget habit, I understand. Just go to directly.