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Add Weather to your Site and Groups to your Gmail Account!

Alright, two topics that are really completely unrelated, but since they're the two most recent letters received at AskDaveTaylor I thought I'd be efficient and point you to both of them here in the same message.

First off, if you've ever thought that it would be cool to show other people visiting your Web site (or blog!) the weather in your neighborhood, you'll be interested in reading my article about two of the best choices in this area and how they compare:

    Add a Weather Bug Report To Your Site / Blog

Good weather or not, if you're a fan of Google's Gmail service, you'll be excited to learn that they just released a groups capability to the existing address book contact system. Learn how to work with it here:

    Contact Groups in Google's Gmail Service

Stay tuned - more fun and interesting Q&A coming all the time. :-)