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Google AdSense reports via email? Cool!

A lot of people on the Web have become part of the Google AdSense program, with generally good results, but unless you're a fanatic, it's easy to forget that you should really be keeping an eye on AdSense, checking your reports and making sure you can begin to draw meaningful correlations between what you're writing about, how you're writing, and what kind of results you're seeing with the AdSense program. I certainly know of colleagues who have let their ad revenue stream help them successively refine their blogging style to maximize their income within the context of their desired market space, for example.

One way to keep on top of things is to have your Google AdSense reports automatically mailed to you, and it turns out that this feature was just added to the AdSense system, as detailed and explained here:

    Google AdSense Reports Via Email

If you haven't signed up for AdSense, I encourage you to start by reading my earlier article Get Started with Google AdSense too.