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Helpful Business Blogging Tips for the QuickBooks Blog

Welcome to the interesting world of business blogging, BSmith4664. I've had a chance to read your first posting to the Quickbooks Team Blog, entitled View from the General Manager and would like to offer up a few thoughts and pointers...

First off, whether you're an executive or using a spade in the trenches, I do think that it's quite helpful to tell us who you are. "BSmith4664" sounds a lot more like a Hotmail or AOL address than the General Manager of the Quickbooks team, doesn't it? I realize that 60 seconds with Google reveals that you're "Brad Smith" and that Intuit's CEO Steve Bennett has said "We've been searching externally for a while and determined that Brad Smith is the best person - inside or outside Intuit - for the QuickBooks leadership role. He's proven his ability to lead a team to win decisively in an intensely competitive environment."

Very impressive. But why make me do the work?

A good metaphor for business blogging might well be having five minutes in front of a professional networking group or conference roundtable. Certainly your name, your title, your responsibilities, some comment that indicates you're paying attention to the discussion and the interaction style that's become the norm in the group, and so on. Bonus points for something amusing about yourself.

Since we aren't in the same room, however, I'd really like to see a picture of you here, as part of your introduction, Brad. It really further helps...