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Enabling RSS Autodiscovery on your Blog or Website

I think I have my weblog set up properly, but someone recently emailed me saying that I haven't set it up for "RSS autodiscovery". But I have an RSS feed and I even have a little 'xml' button that links to the "index.xml" file that contains the RSS. So what am I missing?

The very latest generation of Web browsers, including Firefox, Safari and the new (still in beta) Internet Explorer 7.0, magically recognize when you're on a Web page that has an associated RSS feed and enables a subscribe button or otherwise shows you that you can choose to subscribe to the site.

But, of course, it's not actually magic, it's simply that those sites have a special line of HTML in their source pages, a line that you can add to your blog template in a jiffy or even hand-code into related Web pages that are part of your site but perhaps not part of your blog.

My RSS autodiscovery declaration looks like this...