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Connecting my Mac to a WPA Wireless Network

Hello, I'm using a Linksys WRT54GS Router to connect my G4 Mac PowerBook w/ OSX 10.4.2 to the Web, and it's working great. However, I created a closed WPA network internally with Airport and now I can't seem to change the security setting without losing that WPA signal. This WPA network is all the router/Powerbook recognizes, and I can't lower the setting for friends with WiFi laptops. I know my SSID and lil' password but not the WPA. So where or how can I change the security setting with Airport? Or is it permanent?

If I understand your question, it sounds like you have configured WPA on your Linksys wireless access point and your Powerbook, but are not sure what your WPA Pre-Shared Key is.

WiFi Protected Access, WPA, is an encryption standard for wireless networks, and is currently the most common standards-based strong encryption for wireless networks. The WEP protocol, Wired Equivalent Privacy, was the original encryption protocol designed for WiFi networks which WPA was designed to replace due to insecurities discovered in WEP. More detailed coverage can be found in...