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Inside the successful commoditized business of StickerGiant

The path of innovation inevitably seems to end up in the commoditized business graveyard. Time and again smart, nimble companies invent new technologies or manufacturing processes, just to standardize them, inspire knock-offs and direct competitors and ultimately find that their unique differentiator in the marketplace has evolved into a commodity and that customers make their selection based on price or availability, not manufacturer, brand or logo.

Indeed, I believe that the challenge of commoditization is so great that I just finished co-authoring an important new business book on just this topic, coming soon to a bookstore near you. It's an important topic, and many of the people reading this very blog are doubtless threatened by outsourcing, the globalization of the modern workforce and similar changes to the business ecosystem.

That's why I was quite intrigued when I had a chance to sit down with John Fischer, head of StickerGiant, and talk about how he's identified a pure commodity business and turned the commodity nature of the sticker space into an advantage, creating the largest sticker reseller in the world...