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How do I publicize my AOL My Journal blog?

Hi, first of all, can you make my blog public? Also, can you walk me through how to publish e-mail to my blog? Keep in mind, I do not know my blog's address. I can access it through 'my journal', please help me. Thanks, Kimi.

You're writing from an America Online (AOL) address, so I'm going to assume that you're talking about the America Online service, Kimi. As you say, the first challenge with AOL is to find the My Journal section in the first place. I logged in - using the Mac software - and am trying to figure out where My Spaces is located.

Logically, I type in "My Journal" into the search box, just to find that AOL has taken me out of its site and shown me Web-wide results, the first of which is, which definitely isn't what we seek.

On the other hand, reading it a bit more closely reveals that the graphic at the top of the page isn't an advertisement, it's...