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Export MP3 files from iTunes to your Sony PSP

How do I get MP3 format files out of my iTunes player on my Macintosh? I want to know because I have a new Sony PSP unit and really want to copy some songs from my computer onto my PSP unit. Thanks!

This isn't quite as simple as you may wish, because what I'd love to see is that you could highlight a set of songs or albums, then choose "Export" and there'd be a folder created on your desktop with perfectly named MP3 files, neatly tucked into folders. Alas, that's not to be.

Instead, you need to do some of this yourself. Here's the fastest and easiest way to do this:

First, open up your iTunes player and select a sample track that you'd like to copy onto your Sony PSP. Now, with that track selected, choose File -> Show Song File. You'll be shown the folder that contains that track and all the other tracks from that particular album. It looks like this...