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What does Google's PageRank mean?

Dave, maybe you can explain something for me: my Web site Freedom For apparently has a PageRank of two out of ten (2/10), and I don't really understand what that means. Does it mean, for example, that my organization's site is #2 out of 10 hits?

It's hard to pin down exactly what Google means when it talks about PageRank, but the best definition is that its a rough indication of the popularity of a Web page. A higher PageRank indicates a more popular page.

Notice here that I'm not talking about Web sites here too: Google considers every page of a Web site to be an autonomous entity, one thing that quite frequently confuses people. We've all been taught to think about Web sites, but the new, modern Web is all about separate autonomous pages, not sites at all.

Let's jump back to PageRank for a moment, though. Google PageRank is a measure of the relative popularity of a site, ranging from...