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Risks facing high school journalism bloggers

I teach high school journalism in an independent school and I am considering offering blogging as an option. What are the dangers?

Congratulations on your question! You are correct in recognizing that an important influence on the future of journalism is blogging, and the whole concept of "citizen blogger". Journalism is no longer the bastion of a small group of elite writers, working for an editor or publisher who makes their own decisions on what stories make it, what headlines are above the so-called fold. Instead, it's bloggers who are helping create the story, investigate the story and explore the ramifications and nuances.

Further, somehow, even in an independent school, I bet that at least one or two of your students already are blogging as it's quite popular with the youthful cognoscenti!

So the plus side of blogging as part of a journalism class is immediately obvious: you can't not do it.

But there are dangers too. The greatest danger I envision is...