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How do I transfer my iTunes library?

I am currently living with my Dad, have about 1700 songs in iTunes and don't want to lose them when I move to my Mother's house! How could I somehow transfer the songs to my computer at my Mom's house? Is there a way where I could burn the data to a CD or something? If you could please let me know, it'd be very appreciated.

Does your Dad's computer have a DVD burner? If so, you could use one of the slick iTunes export utilities to pull them out of iTunes, then burn them onto DVD.

Hmmm, so how many would DVDs would you need?

Let's see... 1700 songs at an average song size of 4MB means your 1700 song library takes up 6.8GB. An average DVD disk holds about 4GB so you should be in good shape with two DVDs for the entire music library. Not too bad.

Or, if you can afford it, go buy an external 30GB disk or larger, drag and drop your entire iTunes Library onto the disk, then import it when you get to your Moms house.

Checking CompUSA, they have...