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Best practice: multiple sites or one site, multiple categories?

I have several different ideas for web sites that are similar (in that they involve mathematics and statistics) but also very different in terms of topic area (for, example, sports, investing, health). Does it make sense to put all of these into a single web domain, with subdomains for each topic area? Or would it be better to have a separate domain name for each topic area? Which approach would seem more likely to be better business-wise, leading to more permanent visitors/customers for my content, more clicks on my Google-ads, and more income for me?

This is the kind of question I can appreciate, straightforward, direct and to the point. My general thought on this topic is more about the back-end than the front-end: do you want to have a complex support and management task, or do you seek simplicity and the ability to reap the benefits on all your sites of a new posting on any of them?

If you're talking about similar core topics with different angles, then I will strongly suggest that a single site, single domain name, built around a blog (wait, hear me out!) that has multiple categories, one for each of the specific areas you're interested in exploring, is your best bet. It's easy to manage, easy to cross-pollinate articles, and by using...