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Online Copy of Hoyle's Book of Rules?

What are some of the best online libraries where we can read books online for free, especially reference books? For instance, I'm interested in looking up the rules of gin rummy according to Hoyle.

One of my favorite online sites of this nature is the amazing Project Gutenberg, which has over 16,000 electronic books free for the downloading. In fact, i like the project so much, I actually have an homage to it with my own Intuitive Reading Library.

A quick search at Project Gutenberg for books with the title word 'Hoyle', however, shows that there aren't any matches. Not good.

A bit of Google detective work reveals that "Hoyle's Rules of Games" hasn't had its copyright expire, so in fact it would be quite surprising to find a free copy of it online.

However, that doesn't mean we can't find specific information on the game of Gin Rummy online! I used Google to search for...