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How do I format a Sony PSP Memory Stick?

I got a Sony PSP two days ago and when I got it, it said I had 30 MB. Now it says that I only have 900 KB (and this is after I deleted everything, my games and songs, so it should have a clear memory)?

I then tried putting MP3s on it but it won't accept any of the songs I drag into my music folder. It always says that I don't have enough memory (this is also when I deleted everything so my PSP has a clear memory)


I get a lot of questions from people who don't fully understand how to work with the PSP Memory Stick devices, and I believe that this is exacerbated by the fact that Windows really likes to hide files from regular users when browsing devices.

As a result, what you're seeing is that you have files that aren't being shown in a regular Windows (or Mac, for that matter) file view, but are clearly still on the Memory Stick.

Or, a simpler possibility...