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Everything in My Documents is marked read-only?

Ever since installing SP2 on my WinXP Home OS the "My Documents" folder and everything in it has become "Read Only". Despite unchecking the "Read Only" check box in the folders properties and applying that change to the contents of the folder, it reverts to "Read Only" as soon as I recheck. Why is that and how can I change it?

Re-checking the "read only" box on My Documents is normal behavior for XP for some reason (it's not all-out checked, it's a grayed checked box, meaning something under there is read only, not everything). I'm sure it's likely not set and staying set on the files.

Not sure if upgrading to SP2 converts XP Home drives to NTFS, but it might. Or, it may have been NTFS already and got the perms screwed up on upgrade.

I'd open Explorer, go to...