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How NOT to connect on professional networking sites

This is a general topic, actually, not one specific to LinkedIn, and I'll call it "how to network electronically" for lack of a better phrase.

When I receive LinkedIn "Invitation to Connect" email, they have a specific message written by the requester. Sometimes they're smart, intriguing messages that make me want to connect since I can immediately see the mutual value of our connection, but too often I get the following instead:

I found you while I was searching my network at LinkedIn. Let's connect directly, so we can help each other with referrals. If we connect, both of our networks will grow. To add me as your connection, just follow the link below.

I can personally guarantee that if you request a connection from me with this generic message, or request a connection on another networking site with its default message, that I'll never connect with you.

The reason is simple...