Ask Dave Taylor: Tech and Business


Are you a Blogger who uses LinkedIn?

After being involved with the computer industry and Internet for 25 years now (no kidding, I started back when there was an ARPANet and UUCP, and even helped manage the hplabs hub in Palo Alto) I've seen a lot of ideas come and go, a lot of brainstorms that fizzled when faced with the harsh reality of actual users and sustained development.

One area that's seen lots of churn is social and professional networking. From, the Usenet group later morphed into in The Great Usenet Renaming (and, yes, I was part of the "cabal" that came up with the seven primary categories) to Friendster, Orkut, Ryze, and even O'Reilly Connection, lots of smart people have tried to find the magic mix of technology, interface design and fairy dust to create a truly compelling electronic networking venue.

And almost all of them have floundered.

There are a few exceptions, fortunately, including...