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Images vanish from Google Images?

Dave, I have been trying to access a picture from the google images but all I get is The requested URL /20041126/oruro/oruro02.htm was not found on this server. What can I do?

Google Images and, by extension, all search engines suffer from a serious temporal problem that you don't hear much about. The gist of the problem is that an index of data is always out of sync with the data it indexes.

Think about it this way: Yesterday Google's faithful 'droid Googlebot popped over to this site and looked at what was on the home page. It made a copy for its own index and entered the page into its database tied to specific words it found on the site. Meanwhile, however, the site itself has changed - indeed, there's no way that Google (yet) knows about this new entry because it needs to come back and visit again.

So in microcosm I have the same problem you do: if people search Google for "image vanished from Google Images" they...