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Google Adsense Section Targeting

I've been working on getting my AdSense revenue to improve ever since I started reading your (awesome) book Growing Your Business with Google, and today a pal told me that I needed to immediately implement section targeting. Can you offer some insight?

Your friend is definitely on the ball with this one! I haven't even had a chance to talk about it on my Google book blog (at yet, though that'll be remedied in just a few minutes! :-)

More seriously, Google's allowing AdSense participants to help their system identify exactly where the content, the real key material on a given page, is located. The value? This better targets ads, which helps visitors since they see more relevant ads, helps the advertiser because it improves the targeting of their ads, and that, of course, improves things for us participants too, because we should see better click thru rates and higher revenue.

There are two different types of tags you can use...