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Add an eBay search box to your own Web site

Dave, help, how I would go about adding an eBay search field to my homepage. One that I could enter a search term in and get the results popped up on the eBay website?

First off, some background: How can I add a Google search box to my web site and How do I add a Technorati search box to my Web site?

Now that we've established the theme :-) let's look at how eBay structures queries. If you actually view the source to the eBay Web page, it's just about impossible to decipher how they do searches, actually, because of all the JavaScript they're using. Not sure why they need the complexity, but fortunately a bit of detective work can suss out the most important values, the field names and the CGI script or program on the server that receives search queries.

Boiling their form down to its bare essence, then...