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Google Desktop 2? What is it?

A pal just told me that Google's released Google Desktop 2 and that I should definitely download it and check it out. But, um, what is Google Desktop and why should I care?

Your friend is impressively timely with their recommendations: Google Desktop 2 was released just this morning from Google, and it's a significant improvement over the original Google Desktop, which was basically just an indexing and search system.

Between Apple's Spotlight, Microsoft's search features in Windows Vista (still in beta), and Google Desktop, it's clear that searching our own computers along with the Internet is the next Big Important Area where companies are going to compete for our eyeballs. And that's a very good thing, in my opinion, because the current way that most of us organize and work with our files is pretty mediocre at best.

Google Desktop 2, still in beta, is a very interesting product that lets you access files, email, photos, weather reports, RSS feeds, stock reports, and other personalized information, all in one slick interface. As Google says...