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Escaping the Death Spiral of Credit Card Debt

You’re burdened with crushing debt and at the end of your rope. There’s got to be a way out. You go to the door every day, expecting bad news. Your minimum credit card payments are eating up most of your paycheck every two weeks. You can’t go to dinner, go on a trip, or save for your kid’s education, and it just keeps getting worse. You’re using your credit cards for living expenses now. This really sucks!

Many people are finding themselves in this situation; the “Credit Card Death Spiral”. As the nation’s credit card burden continues to climb, the number of people facing this credit nightmare is increasing at a frightening rate. It happens for many reasons and is depressing and debilitating. Credit card companies have relaxed the initial requirements to get a card in the last few years. The change is allowing people with marginal credit scores to get a number of credit cards. In addition, many of these cards have higher credit limits than in the past. This combination has encouraged many consumers to take on much higher levels of debt than in the past.

In addition to the relaxation of credit card requirements, lenders are changing the way they do business once a consumer has the card. In the past banks and other credit card issuers would not let you charge over your credit limit. This has changed. Now...