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How do I work with the Profile Manager in Firefox?

Is there a way to disable profile locking in Firefox ? We are using Firefox as a front end to our application, but every time a new instance get's launched it prompts for a new profile. We would like to open new browsers under one profile all the time.

A fascinating question and one that's solved by exploring the Profile Manager that's included as part of Firefox.

To start up Profile Manager in Windows, close Firefox by selecting File --> Exit, then choose Start --> Run... from the Windows START menu. Type in firefox.exe -profilemanager and click OK.

On a Linux systems, launch a command terminal and type in firefox -profilemanager.

On a Mac, well, on a Mac it's a bit more of a hassle because of how Mac OS X hides the actual application binaries. Let me show you how I got it to work on my own Mac OS X system...