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One question that commonly arises in my email messages from readers and clients alike is the same that appears in all professions (yes, I'm saying that producing a good, credible business weblog is a professional undertaking): how do I get started?

As of yet, there aren't any books I'm comfortable recommending, but I will say that I was appalled the book Blog, by Hugh Hewitt, and found it to be terrible, just terrible. I have high hopes for some of the new books in the pipeline from various authors who are part of the corporate blogosphere, however, so instead of listing any books, I'll point to some of my favorite online references.

Note: My intent is to keep this list reasonably up to date, so if you have an additional article you think would be a valuable addition, please add it as a comment and I'll migrate it up to the main article if I agree. If not, I'll leave it as a comment and let people read it and decide for themselves.

In no particular order...