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Tips on searching my Gmail mailbox?

Alright, Dave, you've convinced me to sign up and use Google's Gmail Service and I now have an ever-growing pile of archived messages. I know that I can just type in a word or two to the search engine and find messages, but being Google, I'm wondering if there are more sophisticated searches I can use?

Glad you're enjoying Gmail! If anyone wants an invite to get a Gmail account of their own, please do read my article on how to get a Gmail account.

I did some digging around and was rather pleased to find out that the Gmail search system has lots and lots of what we search engine folk call predicates, specific tags you can apply to a word so that it matches a specific type of data. It's like the powerful site: predicate in the regular Google search system (and you know about that, right?)

The easiest search predicates to learn for Gmail are...

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