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How does CGI work?

Dave, I maintain a website for a grammar school and I would like to put a form in on our alumni page with their name, graduating year and email address. I can create the form on Frontpage or Dreamweaver, but I don't quite get how the info is sent out. I would like the info sent to a particular email address but I don't know where to put that email address. Can you help?

I'm going to presume that when you want to leave the email contact you don't just want to leave the alumni's email address which would be a potential spam target, and that when you say form you mean email contact form sort of like the one in the middle of the Ask Dave A Question page .

First create the form in Frontpage or Dreamweaver or however you normally create your html documents. Now looking at the html code for the document the actual form part will look something like this...