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The challenge of blogging about good news: Boeing

In the last few days, there has been a flurry of media news about Boeing, including today's story from the Wall Street Journal that Air India places 50 jet order from Boeing, value $6 billion [sub required] and yesterday's similar news in the WSJ that Boeing beats Airbus for crucial job: 96 jets ordered by Air Canada [sub required].

The challenge of writing about this turn of events also revolves around the first test flight of the much lauded Airbus A380 tomorrow. The BBC reports, in Airbus A380 to fly on Wednesday, that:

"European aircraft maker Airbus has scheduled the maiden flight of its giant A380 jumbo jet, the world's largest passenger plane, for Wednesday. The first flight of the twin-deck aircraft has been keenly anticipated since it was unveiled at a glamorous and high profile ceremony in January. Airbus has invested heavily in the A380 and hopes it will defend its position as the leading passenger plane maker."

What catches my attention is the challenge that Boeing blogger (and VP of Marketing) Randy Baseler faces now in writing about the events of the week, particularly given his pointed articles about Boeing versus Airbus. (in The Game Changer he criticizes the Airbus 350 as "derivative, late 1980's design, and limited composite design" when compared to the "all new integrated design" of the Boeing 787, for example)

Oh, and to sprinkle another ingredient in the stew, the United States and European Union are fighting about...