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Inside the world of Neopets

An innocent question sent in to Ask Dave Taylor this weekend gave me a chance to peer into a whole 'nother world online, the amazing world of Neopia, a 25-million-member Web site known as It's more than just a destination with a lot of users, though, because, well, first off, 80% of members are under 18 and the average user spends over six hours per month on the site. But much more interesting is what says about the future of advertising and commercialization for the under-18 set. Here are two articles on Neopia:

    Welcome to Neopet's Neopia

    Finding Neopet Guild Layouts

The latter is much more nuts and bolts, but both give you a glimpse into this amazing online world, and explore some of the problems of Neopia as well as its benefits and positive aspects. If you're not already a Neopets fanatic, you'll find this very interesting reading!