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Why don't journalists quote me after interviewing me?

Dave, I'm a book author and am baffled. I frequently get asked by journalists for my thoughts on specific matters, but while I respond within a week or so with long essays on what I think is the subject of the interview, very, very rarely am I quoted. What's up with that?

To answer this, I turn to my colleague and fellow journalist Esther Schindler of Bitranch, who answers this question in general terms, but with some superb insight into how journalists work and how to maximize your chances of actually being quoted:

This question is a classic situation where it sounds like we have a journalist asking a book author for input on an article. There's a good chance that the journalist really wants to quote such an author, because it's always helpful to get an expert's view. (In my humble opinion, this is far better than quoting an "industry analyst"... but that's a tirade for another time.)

From the author's point of view, this is an opportunity for a BIG FAT...