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How do I configure DHCP on my Linux server?

I am planning to install DHCP on my Linux Server. I do not know that much in Linux (Red Hat), however. How can I install and configure a DHCP server on my system?

First off, a definition. DHCP is the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and rather than use the default DHCP server included with your Red Hat / Fedora Linux system, I recommend that you pop over to the Internet Software Consortium and Download the latest version of the DHCP Server. As I write this, it's at version 3.0.3.

Why is it important to have the latest version? In a word, security. As with any software that you're going to run on your server, it's critically important that you have the very latest version of this 'daemon' (as we Linux geeks call programs that run on the server without intervention) on your system. It's also very important to shut off any services you aren't using (a process I detail in my popular book Teach Yourself Unix System Administration in 24 Hours, by the way).

So once you've downloaded the latest version of the software, you'll want to unpack it with...