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My Mac Always Picks the Wrong Disk at Startup!

Upon attempting a Software Update, I was told I didn't have enough memory and was to remove unnecessary items from my Start Up Disk, I seem to have my HD in my Start Up Disk (is that normal?).

I simply restarted my machine to find that there was a flashing square box with a globe in the centre. After about a couple of minuets of this flashing an old OS 9 emblem (two faces) in a folder flashing up along with a question mark.

It now does this all the time. Could you tell what is going on here.

You're not the first to get into this situation, but the good news is that it's surprisingly easy to fix it! The problem is that you've ended up indicating that the wrong drive or partition on your computer is where the "bootable" operating system can be found.

Your Mac then dutifully looks on that disk for an OS it can use, eventually decides it can't find one and stalls out.

To fix it...