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MSN Search now lets you search RSS feeds

I've just heard from some friends that MSN Search now lets me look through RSS feeds to find information, in addition to its regular search capabilities? Very cool, but how do I do it?

It was only a matter of time before one of the major search engines threw the switch and added the world of RSS feeds and weblogs to its searchable database, and I was sure it'd be Google since they've owned for so long. But I was wrong and it is again the smart team at MSN Search that are first out the door with a slick new search feature.

To search the world of RSS feeds, simply use the feed: operator, followed by whatever word or phrase you seek. Want to find mentions of "Dave Taylor" in the feeds area? Try feed:Dave Taylor, for example.

Though I imagine it's going to be used less commonly, MSN Search also introduced a new operator that lets you...