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How to get started as a computer artist

I'm an artist who is trying to translate my skill with a canvas onto the computer, and I'm a bit baffled by all the options on the market. If I can, I'd like to stick with Linux as my brother is a Linux expert, but I've also heard lots of good things about Mac systems too. What do you recommend, Dave?

While I have a lot of computer related skills and expertise, any sort of art is definitely excluded, so when I received this question, I instead turned to a computer artist friend of mine, Tom Vilot, to get his opinion on how you can proceed. Here's his response:

"Macintosh systems are very good, and I would highly recommend one. The paint software that is currently available for Linux is, unfortunately, not as diverse or as powerful as what you will find on both Macintosh and Windows. There are some interesting packages, however...