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Parenting; Why we don't hit our children

I don't recall ever being hit when I was a child, and I know that Linda was never hit or spanked as a child either. For us, the very idea of hitting a child has a sense of wrongness, of unfairly taking advantage of our physical superiority. As a result, one of the tenets of how we're raising our three children is no hitting.

Now I'll be candid, because not hitting them doesn't mean that sometimes we don't want to hit them. When they've been temporarily replaced by strange alien monsters who are beyond reason and horrible little humans, torturing each other, hurting our animals, or deliberately provoking us, well, let's just say that sometimes not hitting takes a lot of self-discipline!

This also doesn't mean that our children don't hit each other and don't, on occasion, hit us. Ah, I'd love to imagine what it would be like to live in a completely peaceful household, but then again, without the difficulties of anger and frustration we wouldn't be able to also experience - and enjoy - the highs of joy and delight either...