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How do I create HTML Web Pages in Windows NotePad?

I am having a problem saving HTML in NotePad. It won't save it as HTML so I can go no further. I see you have already answered this exact question. The problem is, the answer wasn't correct. In NotePad to save something you said to make sure to save it as HTML and not Text. But it doesn't give you any other options. When you click save as in NotePad it gives you only two options: Text File or All Files (*.*). There is no way to erase that or create your own, so I am still stuck at the same place as the last guy who wrote. Please investigate this as I can't find the answer anywhere and I just purchased a host and domain that I can't seem to use. I'm afraid the other guy who wrote in is probably bald now from pulling his hair out.

Well, when I read through the previous article, How do I Edit HTML Files Using Windows NotePad, it all looks consistent with my Windows XP installation, but let me step through it again, just for good luck!

First off, open NotePad by going to Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> NotePad.

Now just type in your HTML directly (and if you don't know your HTML from the proverbial hole in the ground, I suggest you check out my book Creating Cool Web Sites).

When you're ready to save your newly created Web page, choose...