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How do I download photos from my Mac to my Sony PSP?

Dave, I just got a new Sony PSP and really want to download some of my favorite pictures from my Mac onto the unit. Is that possible, and if so, what do I need to do on the PSP and Mac to get it to work?

It's surprisingly easy to download pictures from you Mac to your new Sony Playstation Portable (PSP), actually!

The key is that you need a USB cable: I bought one as part of a connectivity kit for about $15 - but even Radio Shack would have the specific cable you'd need as it's a standard "5 pin mini-B connector" USB cable (take your PSP in with you, though, so the salesperson can see the connector, which is on the top edge of the unit).

Once you have the cable, connect the cable to the PSP unit, connect the other end of the cable into your Macintosh (I hook mine up to an open USB port on my keyboard, actually, which works fine), then turn on the PSP.

Now, and here's the most important step that people hiccup on, go to the PSP and press the...