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How do I add a picture to my Web page?

I've been reading your Creating Cool Web Sites book, and what I'd like you ask you is how do I put a picture on website? Even though you have mentioned it I am not sure what to write in the <img src='__" />. I am not sure where you get that part if you want to download a picture from the Internet. It would be a great help.

If you're trying to add a picture on your Web page that's already somewhere else on the Internet, there are two different ways you can accomplish this task.

The first one, the easier one, is to simply right click (or, if you're on a Mac, Control-click) on the image when you view that page that hosts it. Your Web browser will pop up a menu of options, one of which will be something like "Copy Image Location" or "Copy Image" or similar. Do that.

Now the fully qualified URL of the image is...