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Blogging as Blackmail?

My colleague Neville Hobson has an interesting article today entitled Blogger waging war on Land Rover, about an English chap named Adrian Melrose who apparently bought a defective Land Rover Discovery and has been attacking the company ever since.

Indeed, on his own weblog, Adrian, who had been posting anonymously, has articles like Why am I terrorising Land Rover? and Land Rover isn't Listening. By his own admission, his so-called campaign against Land Rover (in which he states that he wants the company to "admit publically that my car was a first build F*** Up - I want them to replace it with a new one") is an attempt to terrorize the company.

For his own part, Neville says "The only thing I'm a bit hesitant about is that nowhere on the blog that I can see does the blogger identify who he (or she) is. That somewhat lessens the credibility of this campaign."

Neville, you're missing the forest for the tree here, I think...