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Outlook 2003 on Windows XP retreives duplicate emails?

We have a Windows XP machine in our office running Outlook 2003. Our problem is that Outlook continuously retrieves duplicate, triplicate, etc spam emails from our Exchange server. We've tried every adjustment to settings possible but cannot stop this action. Some mornings there are literally 3 or 4 thousand messages. We've tried MS updates to no avail. Any suggestions?

I only have a limited number of suggestions, based on asking some experts about their own experiences with Microsoft Outlook 2003:

Werner says: I know when this happens in my case: Outlook gets its mail from a mail server outside our company and stores its results on the Exchange server. I can log into the outside mail server and manually edit the mail file while Outlook is picking up the mail. This confuses Outlook and has it reread the mail. Is someother process reading/changing the mail while Outllok is doing its stuff?

Vinaya also notes that Microsoft has...