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Saving Email Addresses in Microsoft Outlook Express?

Although I try to read most of your 'help' articles, I don't remember having seen this problem. The recent article re: saving IE favorites reminded me to ask a similar question for saving email addresses. I used Outlook Express in the past (after reformatting I switched to Outlook, primarily due to this address book problem). Prior to having my hard drive reformatted due to a virus, I tried to save my addresses to no avail. I don't remember the specifics, but the pop-up window for'saving' or maybe it was 'exporting' my email addresses, was confusing. Bottom line, I wasn't able to save my address book to disk. Someone then told me that you can't save it in Outlook Express, and that you have to export it first to Outlook and then save it. I tried that as well and was still unable to do it.

Is it me or is there a way to save the address book from Outlook Express? I actually like it better than Outlook, and may switch back to it, if the address book problem can be resolved.

How calmly you say that you had to reformat your hard drive due to a virus. Me, I'd be ranting about "that $#$#@$ virus forcing me to $#@$@ rebuild my $#@$@ system." Oh, and that reminds me: when was the last time that you, dear reader, backed up your essential data?

But on to this specific question!

There is indeed a way to export your address books or business cards in Microsoft Outlook Express...