Ask Dave Taylor: Tech and Business


How do I learn blogging?

Dave, after reading the latest issue of BusinessWeek, your Intuitive Life Business Blog and a bunch of other sources, I'm ready. I want to learn how to create, design and maintain a blog that's interesting, engaging, and helps me promote my business online.

The problem is, while I can find lots of classes and seminars about why to blog, there just isn't anything about how to blog. Any suggestions for me?

What a great question! I don't know if you're aware, but just last week I ran a standing-room-only workshop on The Case for Business Blogging. As I reviewed the feedback from that workshop, however, it became clear that your question is a universal one: as much as everyone attending the event knew that they needed to learn about why their business should be blogging, everyone also wanted to learn how to blog!

I've taken all this feedback to heart and am pleased to announce my How To Blog hands-on workshop, June 2nd, here in Boulder, Colorado. It'd be perfect for you, if you can get out here to beautiful Boulder for a day...

Here's what'll be covered...