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How do I delete my second Windows XP swap file?

Dave, I've got my hard drive partitioned into 9 logical partitions with Windows XP Pro installed on drive K:. My system has swap files (pagefile.sys) on both drive C: and drive K:. Both are nearly the same size (but not identical) at just over 800MB. I know, I know, Windows XP help states "Don't place multiple pagefiles on different partitions on the same physical disk drive."

This is somewhat ironic advice as I assume Windows XP created both of these during its install process. To follow the help file advice, though, I thought I'd eliminate the pagefile.sys on drive K: and increase the assigned space on Drive C:.

When I open "Computer Management", highlight "Computer Management (Local), right click on properties, and click the "Advanced" tab I get a dialog box specifying "Can't access virtual memory information." I click "OK" to close the dialog box but the "Change" button under the "Virtual Memory" section is then grayed out.

At this point, I don't know what to do next. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks.

If you have the option, the best place to put the swap file would be in a separate physical drive, but as it appears that you have just the one partitioned drive the swap file would be best in the partition containing the XP installation you are running.

The reason you have a swap file in the C partition is that windows installs itself and the page file to the C partition by default, therefore this maybe the paging file of a previous or maybe the current? installation of Windows on that partition.

Another way of changing your swap file settings is by going through these steps...