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How do I work with .MSI files on Windows XP?

Dave. In reference your recent comments on .msi installation (specifically How do I install a .MSI download?). I've done some research and find that neither Microsoft nor you don't WinXP, which is where I'm having a problem. My Dell laptop constantly tells me that msi is required for the application to work properly. I try to load the suggested msi files and I get a message that state my current msi files are more current than what I'm trying to load. Catch-22 MS style. Aside from reloading XP, do you know of a fix?

Without knowing what application you are using, I can't be very specific in this answer. Remember, if you're going to submit a question to Ask Dave Taylor, the extra few minutes giving me specific details of your problem and configuration are a great help in debugging or tracking down the solution.

There are some general windows installer issues that could be addressed here, however.

As I recall...