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What is "My LinkedIn Power Forum"?

I've been involved with the LinkedIn social network for a long time, along with quite a few other networks, and have been pleased to see how it's evolved into a terrific professional networking environment, while the other social networks I'm in have devolved into MLM hunting environments (Ryze) or non-professional, personal dating and socializing networks (Orkut). While we're at it, my profile at LinkedIn.

The latest wrinkle on LinkedIn that I'm just learning about is that some savvy members with > 1000 connections realized that the tools LinkedIn offers to mine your network are insufficient, and they're building separate, but related, mailing lists and discussion forums for LinkedIn users.

This is impressive because one sign of a healthy and thriving community is when it spawns innovation in its user community. Think "eBay", for a beautiful example of this phenomenon. (I know, because my second startup, iTrack, was a company riding the coattails of eBay until we sold it and it was morphed into a completely different service).

The LinkedIn Power Forum, known more formally as My LinkedIn Power Forum or "MLPF", was inspired by a quote from business guru, brilliant public speaker and networking genius...