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Running out of disk space on a Mac?

Hi Dave, I run Pro Tools Digidesign 002 6.7. Have recently booted RAM from 512mgb to 1gig. The issue is CPU, as mid session I will get error message that I am running out of CPU. The problem is this; there are many duplicate files and folders which are playing havoc with the CPU. How do I find all these files and folders and remove them from the system?

I presume there is a download or product that finds these files and deletes them forever. I am very new to computers and after more than 30yrs as a musician I would like my system to run like my tiny old Sony walkman did for many years.

Boot up, catch the song idea and develop quickly and without any bother. I have a Mac G4 8oomhz, play many instuments straight into the system ( I don't use Midi) in my enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge have found that I don't need too much (STuff) to create and deliver my music. A couple of nice reverbs etc. I use disk utility to help, but this is not the complete or practical way to start/stop/start/f f f f-forgetit, lose the moment.

Can you help with ideas on removing all files etc that aren't needed? I am half way through my new album and am loosing the plot rapidly...just need to focus on the music...

Ah yes, if only a computer was as easy to use as a Walkman (Walkman? Is that some sort of primitive iPod-like device? :-) but with greater complexity and sophistication comes, well, greater complexity.

When you say that you're getting an "out of CPU" message, I assume that you really mean that you're getting an error that you're running out of disk space instead. This is solvable. Here's what you need to do...