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Must have software for a safe Microsoft Windows XP?

Dave, I am getting a new computer with WinXP?. Do I need Zone Alarm? SpyBot?? AdAware?? A-squared? Spyware Blaster? Help! I don't want to be one of those statistics you read about on the 'net...

This is a great question! I asked my research team to offer their own answers and present them here. Lots and lots of excellent information:

What every new computer needs, but the computer salesman did not tell you.

The first thing to do with a new computer is UPDATE. Run Windows Update from the Start Menu. Install Service Pack 2, if it is not already installed. Hopefully, you have a broadband connection as the downloads are going to take quite a while on a dial up connection.

Now that your computer is up to snuff, let's keep it that way. There are four mandatory programs. Three are free. Download and install the following free programs...